Technologies Used by Edmy

Edmy is mainly based on three main languages i.e. PHP, HTML/CSS and Java. All of these languages are integrated in a way to make this whole system work. PHP is used to make this website more and more dynamic. Dynamic means reducing the Effort of editing bunch of HTML/CSS files separately. PHP helps us manage 100’s of pages easily.

HTML/CSS makes this whole Coding look pretty and appealing to our visitors. HTML is normally used to write basic frontpage content while CSS is used to design that content. For instance, the stuff you are reading right now is Written in HTML, aligned in CSS and combined together with the help of PHP.

How Edmy is Managed

Whole edmy is managed by a Team of 4 People. Each and every page of this website is coded from scratch and managed with proper techniques. Here at Edmy We don't run this website on any kind of CMS like WordPress, It's pure coding and Human work based website. Every Single page you see is coded by a person working in edmy.

Why we don't use CMS?

Reason Why Edmy don't use any CMS is becuase of our way of production. Some companies prefer CMS, some prefer coding. Edmy is among those coding anthousatic. We belive in making stuff more and more easy to understand for a person.