3 Things to do in this Quarantine Life

by Ahmed

As of now most of the world is aware of this current situation and most of the people are in self Quarantine. All of the educational institutes in Pakistan have given holidays for 3 weeks and students are having the best time of their lives. Some are happy others are sad because they are missing out on the education they need. But for most of them it’s funny.

This above meme explains the feeling of around 80% of the students right now.

For the other 20% of the nerdy students we got a plan for you guys. You can follow these steps to keep learning from home and enjoy doing it.

1- Online Education

Yeah, we know that we are promoting ourselves but right now it’s the best way to keep learning even without going anywhere. As of 2020 there are around 100,00+ online learning platforms and Edmy.org is one of them. Here on Edmy.org you can get FSc, IELTS and other courses for free. You can come anytime and start learning for free.

Why Online Learning? It’s a good question but from last decade the best option for quality education is online. In online education, you can learn anytime and be your own boss. Yes there are some down sides but still it’s a great way to get around this itchy corona situation.

If you are planning to join online education for free. Check out our Courses, all of them are for free.

2- Spending time with your Family

We all know that when you are a student or if you are just a normal person working for a company, you 100% have spent less time with your family than anything else. This is the best time to do so. During this coronavirus breakdown and the Pakistani Lockdown what I have learnt is that this is the best time to get closer to your sweet family. You might have noticed you don’t get these kinds of time anymore in this busy world. So do take my simple advice and spend more time with your lovely family.

3- Learning a new Profession.

This might seem difficult but I think this is the time to learn something new. Like for me Game Development was not easy but during this strange situation I started a game development course and now I’m enjoying it. You can do the same and start learning a new profession.

Best way to find out the new profession is by looking at your interests and hobbies. Like think of something that makes you feel happy. Like Game Development in my case. Go with what your heart says. If you like Comic writing go for it. If you like book reading, do it. Do what your heart says.

These are the three big things you can do to kill your time during this quarantine. You can share your lovely thoughts in the comment. I would love to read those.

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