Edmy was founded on 19th September 2019 with an ambition of making online education simple in Pakistan. Following this aim this Site was Founded just to make online education simple and quick for Pakistani Students. In the mid of 2019, Professor Zia had an idea of improving the education system of pakistan. He started this website as an Cheap Online Course website, but after some brief discussion with team he made this site a free educational platform where some course will be paid but cheap and affordable.

The First Ever Course Uploaded this website was FSc Physics Part 1. At first on Edmy, Students need to login/sign up to enroll and watch videos. After 2 months, the Developer of this website suggested the idea of free education without login/sign up. From there the original Base of Login Free Education system Started.


As of 2020, Edmy.org is working with eTarbiyat Inc. eTarbiyat is an online Website Development Company working with many business and Edmy.org. eTarbiyat Provides the proper online Website Application development service and management.

Edmy and eTarbiyat are both working together to make changes to the current education system of pakistan. Their main target is to eliminate the education Mafia.